Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I had a blurry eye drive to work this morning! Sometimes, I just really have to take in everything that I'm blessed with and I get a little emotional! Of course when you hear songs about your little girls growing up and you are already thinking about how precious they are and how fast time is going by, it doesn't help! They grow so fast!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crazy day!!!!!

Wow, it's already been a very busy day! I made breakfast, fed the girls, got myself and the girls ready, went to the school to take Mrs. Griffin a gift, visited with her, went and got gas (and CANDY, of course), went and got new license made, (after the girl at the gas station told me that my license was expired), went to the library and let the girls get books, went to my moms, visited with them, went back to my house to let the dog out and ate lunch, all by 12:00!!!!!!!!!! Dana never would have made it with me this morning! Woooooo!

Memorial Day Weekend

We had an awesome weekend with the exception of Abby running almost 104 fever on Friday and finding out she had pneumonia on Saturday! She's doing great though! They said it was in the early stages and by Sunday morning she was pretty much good to go! Sunday was very nice. Scott, the girls and I went fishing and we caught about twenty fish so that was some pretty exciting stuff for the girls! Scott cooked out when we got home, we ate, played checkers, and apples to apples with the girls, went to bed and then our DVD player got struck by lightening! We heard a loud pop and then we smelled the smoke and put that baby out in the drive! The next morning a friend of mine came over and was curious to why we had a DVD player in the driveway! We kept Grady on Monday, went to Kara and Lewis' about 12:00 cooked out, the girls and Graddy got to play with Corey. They played in a little swimming pool and Kara and I got to hand out outside and chit chat, get a SUPER dark tan(we all know Kara and I are both hurting for some sun) and watch the kids play. Scott and Lewis ran miss Ashton to the mall, hung out, and cooked out (Lewis is phenomenal on the grill). We feel really blessed to have become such close friends with Lewis and Kara, they are precious and it was great to get to eat some great food and visit with some great friends!

Friday, May 23, 2008

A "Knight to Remember"

Scott & I went to a marriage seminar at Crossroads on Saturday the 17th. "A Knight to Rememeber" It was pretty awesome! Scott and I both really enjoyed it and even more, we love how much our relationship has grown since we have been at Crossroads! They played a video that really touched both of us. Tommy did a great job delivering the message.


The girls finally talked their daddy into letting them get a kitten! Lexi goes to Jake and Christy Hillis' every Wednesday after school and has the opportunity to play with their animals. When Scott goes to pick her up, he generally visits with Jake for a little bit and lets Abby play with the kids for a little bit so she has also fell in love with their kittens. They have been very persistent and Jake has been very persistent that we should take one as well! After Alexis stayed the night at their house on Friday night she was ready to bring one home. We went Sunday evening and picked up "Smokey". They have enjoyed her soooo much! Our little neighbor, Rachel (5) comes over on Tuesdays to play with Abby pretty often and they wore Smokey out this last Tuesday! Smokey was dressed like sleeping beauty, they pretended to take her to church, dressed her like a clown and pretended to take her trick or treating, they took her to play on the trampoline, (which I'm sure she loved) they put her down the slide about 15 times, in a doll stroller, in a doll bed and so forth. Smokey just kept purring as they played house with her! She is getting lots of love from the girls! Smokey lives outside, however, the girls have her in every chance that they get! Please wish Smokey luck in the coming days at the Allen household!

ZOO Trip - 08

We recently took a trip to the zoo before it got to hot with one of my dearest friends, Melissa and her son Clayton. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs! The kids love getting to spend time together and we love getting to spend time with Melissa. We always have a great time together! Another fun filled adventurous day! We got there pretty early, ate at the Zoo, enjoyed the animals, acted like a bunch of nuts, Abby decided to take a swim in a fountain and was drinched from head to toe! It was pretty funny!

Blue Angels - #4

Abby has started T-ball and she really enjoys it. She spends a lot of time during the second half scooping up sand and putting it in her glove, but she has done really well! She loves hitting the ball and has actully stopped a ball and gotten it to first so we are proud of her! I was really afraid that she wouldn't want to do it after she started it because she is a little shy, but she's been ready to go every week! Scott coaches her team so that helps too! He coached Lexi's team when she played T-ball and now he is coaching Abby's. I guess next year he will coach Lexi's and then Abby's the next year and so on..... I think he enjoys it as much as they do so it's a really good bonding time for them! I love seeing him encourage the girls, they eat it up! Let's go #4!!!!!

Hummingbirds - #12

Lexi has started softball, which she loves!!! She's really pretty good at it and I think she is more passionate about it than she is anything else that she does! She has scored a few homeruns and stopped some balls so she is pretty siked! I am really excited that school is getting out so the late ball games won't be so hard on her. I think it's kind crazy that they have games at 7:45 for 8 year olds, but they didn't ask me so I don't guess it really matters! GO #12!!!!!!