Friday, November 7, 2008


THE cutest little hippy and Dorothy I have EVER seen! We went to a friend's house for halloween. They had about 35 people there, we ate pizza and headed out to trick or treat.... The girls enjoyed getting to trick or treat with some of their friends, and the Hewitt's have a great neighborhood for trick or treating so they racked up on candy. We went to see Papaw and Julie, Memom, and Nana and Papa as well before the evening was over.

Costume Party

Alexis won second place in the costume party! Pretty good considering I threw the little hippy costume together the night before. The halloween party included a hayride, bonfire, haunted trail, etc.. The girls had a good time.

Family Tradition

It has been a tradition ever since Alexis' second halloween for our family to carve a pumpkin together. In the past few years, Abby hasn't wanted to get her hands dirty so she didn't participate a whole lot, but this year she had her own pumpkin that her and her daddy did and Alexis and I carved our own....Jack and Abby are their names....

Fall Festival

Our children's leader at church had a fall festival a couple of weeks ago to raise money for the kids new bible curiculum...The kids all had a blast.