Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carrie Underwood Concert

Scott and Lex went to the Carrie Underwood concert last night and had a fantabulous time. Alexis was so excited when she came in last night....she woke me up saying, "mommy, Carrie Underwood touched my hand and she winked and smiled at me when I yelled her name. She was on cloud nine! She was still going on about it this morning when she got up...she said the band membres touched her hand too, (but they weren't very cute)lol! Scott won tickets on the radio last week....I was glad that they got to have this time together. Lex and I went to see Hannah Montannah last year so it was good for them to get to go to this together, he is such a wonderful daddy! Carried Underwood is Lexi's FAVORITE singer, therefore this was an experience that she will never forget!

While Scott and Lexi went to the concert, Abby and I went to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It was really cute! Abby LOVED it! She said it was her favorite movie she had ever seen. She was ready to go buy the movie when we left the movie theater last night. It was a really cute movie and it was also good for Abby and I to have some time by ourselves!


H.T. said...

That is so sweet! I'm glad they had such a good time!

Misty said...

what poor kid is scott squishing out of the photo?

Michele said...

Ha!!!!! I noticed that too! That's Lexi's friend Maddi that he obviously did not want in the picture with them!